Match the following questions with explanation- Series 11- Mass Communication

Keywords– Cumulation, Ubiquity, Consonance and Dependency.

It is already solved questions and this match the following question is related with organisations and it’s platform which were asked in Ph.D. entrance TUEE (Tejpur University Entrance Exam) exams in Journalism and Mass Communication). It contains concepts like ‘Cumulation, Ubiquity, Consonance and Dependency’. Match the following questions with short explanation is designed in order to make you understand better. So that you do not need to go to other places for search.

Concept Description
Cumulation Slow and pervasive influence of media
Ubiquity Omnipresence of media
Consonance Unified picture of events held by various media
Dependency Powerful effect of media



Omnipresence or ubiquity is the property of being present everywhere. The term ubiquity is generally used to describe something “existing or being everywhere at the same time, constantly encountered, widespread, common.” Ubiquitous can also be used as a synonym for words like worldwide, universal, global, pervasive, all over the place1.


Media dependency theory, a systematic approach to the study of the effects of mass mediaon audiences and of the interactions between media, audiences, and social systems. It was introduced in outline by the American communications researchers Sandra Ball-Rokeach and Melvin DeFleur in 1976.2



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