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Who we are

JMC stands for Journalism and Mass Communication. JMC Study Hub is an online dedicated largest learning platform of Journalism and Mass Communication.

We turn your dreams into reality and provide various online free and paid courses, study materials, preparation tips, mock test, online quizzes and many more to crack the UGC-NET Exam and several other mass communication entrance exam effortlessly.

History: We had initiated through Blog ‘Bus Knowledge Chahiye’ in 2018 but later on blog was replaced by website ‘JMC STUDY HUB‘. It was reconstructed on 5th September 2019 which was inaugurated by Dr. Shaili Mishra, Faculty Lecturer at M.C.R.P.V University Bhopal.

What we do

JMC Study Hub is not only for providing the courses, it also aims to open-up new possibilities for the academicians of Journalism and Mass Communication. Teachers who want to explore more teaching opportunities can register themselves as the instructor.

In a span of two year, over 10,000 students have benefited from online lessons and study materials on cracking UGC-NET Exam and several other entrance exam in Mass Communication on our platform.

Online courses in Mass Communication are presented by young experienced mentors to coach you in the right direction and develop skills to match the competition at the same pace.

”people make news and dead people make more news, and dead superstars make even more news"

henry Luce


I’m  Ranjan Kumar

Founder and CEO

Thank you for your interest in JMC Study Hub.

Since 2013, I am with the course ‘Journalism and Mass Communication as a student and later on as a scholar. I found student facing difficulties in making notes, preparing for UGC NET Exam and the proper guidance in Journalism and Mass Communication which led to meet this need.
Ours is truly a unique or dedicated platform of Journalism and Mass Communication. I encourage you to take some time- explore our website and read more about our content, courses, blogs, interviews and many more.

Our team

Together we can!

Pragya Gupta


I am an enthusiastic mentor, doubts solver. Experience of mentoring & counselling students at various levels.

Gaurav Dubey

JMC Sahitya

I am a voice over artist, creative content developer and producer of the section ‘JMC Sahitya’ at JMC Study Hub. 

Kunal Aley JMC Team

Kunal Aley

Post Production

I love to handle the technicalities  of the JMC Study Hub from the post production to social media.


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When the time is short for the exam and you are totally confuse what to read, what not then this quick revision section will support you a lot.

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Boost your concepts through day wise solved quiz from the entire chapters of mass communication at zero cost and with detail explanation.

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We help students when they stuck in a course, college or main stream media. Our expert team are passionate to bridge the gap and accelerate their career.

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