List of mass communication authors, personalities and their focus area and concepts

Below are the list of popular authors in the discipline of mass communication and their concepts or ideas. These type of questions are always asked in UGC NET exam conducted by NTA.

S. no. Authors Idea/concept
1. Roland Barthes Anchorage
2. Stuart Hall Negotiated Code
3. John Fiske Communication test
4. F Parkin Radical System
5. Guy Debord Society of spectacle
6. Theodor Adorno Media as cultural Industry
7. James W Carey Ritual view of communication
8. Umberto Eco Mediated hyper-reality
9. EF Schumacher Intermediate technology
10. Julius Nyrere Popular Participation in development
11. Mahatma Gandhi Basic needs fulfillment
12. Robert Hornik Change in power relations for development
13. Daniel Lerner Modernizing variables and Empathy
14. Robert McNamara Integrated rural development
15. Ryan and Gross Diffusion of innovation
16. EM Rogers Change agent and Laggards
17. Donald Shaw and Maxwell McCombs Priming
18. Antonio Gramsci Coercion and consent
19. Wilbur Schramm Frames of reference
20. George Gerbner Resonance
21. WW Rostow Growth Theory
22. Shannon and Weaver Entropy
23. Marshall McLuhan Medium is the Message
24. Herbert Spencer Evolutionary Perspective
25. John Fiske Popular culture and TV
26. Henry Jenkins Fan Culture
27. Michael Foucalt Omnipresence of power
28. Jacques Derrida Deconstruction of text
29. Dependency Sandra Ball-Rokeach and Melvin DeFleur
30. Daniel Bell Post- industrial society
31. J. Habermas Public Sphere
32. Alvin Tottler Third Wave
33. Joseph Schumpeter Austrian School
34. Thorstein Veblen Technological Determinism (coined the term)
35. Daniel Boorstin Simulation theory
36. Noam Chomsky Flak
37. Philip Schlesinger Mythical time factor
38. Denis McQuail Technological Determinism
39.Leon FestingerCognitive dissonance
40.Wilbur SchrammCircular Model
41.Riley and RileyRitual Model
42.Frank DanceHelical Model
43.Elizabeth Neuman Spiral of Silence
44.Carl Hovland, Arthur Lumsdain and Fred Sheffield Sleeper effect
45.Ignace GelbGrammatolozy
46.Antonio Gramsci Hagemony
47.Dallas SmytheCultural Screen
48.J.H AltschullMedia- the agents of power
49.F. LyotardPostmodernism
50.Thomas KuhnConcept of Paradigm
51.M. K GandhiTrusteeship of society
52.L. R BeltranIdeological constraints of development
53.J. ScottSaftey first principle
54.Amartya SenIdea of justice

Personalities Focused Area
Jacques Derrida Dismantling structure in text
Noam Chomsky Text linguistics
Van Dijk Discourse analysis
Ferdinand de Saussure Network of signs
Elihu Katz Influence of opinion leaders
Cl Hovland Limited persuasive effect of media
Joseph T Klapper Selective exposure
P Lazarsfeld Voter Study
Durga Das Political commentator
Mario Miranda Cartoonist
CY Chintamani Editor
Melvil Demellow Broadcaster
Volney B Palmer Advertising
Tim Berners Lee Web
Joseph Pulitzer New Journalism
DW Griffith Film
Hierarchy of effectsRice and Atkin
Audience-centred social marketing theoryBrenda Dervin
Mean World IndexGeorge Gerbner
Feminist reception studiesJanice Radway
Media ImperialismNeo- Marxist
New World Information OrderInternational structuralist
Modernization through CommunicationStructural Functionalist
Participatory CommunicationAlternative

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