Faculty Members of MCU are real Wikipedia, Akansha

Interview- Ms. Akansha Maheshwari

JMC Study Hub has interacted with ‘Akansha Maheshwari, Assistant Professor, LNCT University, to know her experience in the Mass Communication field and to know the insights about the present scenario of the Industry.

Many of the journalism student’s aim is to take admission to Makhanlal Chaturvedi University (MCU) because it is a pioneer in Mass Communication and you have studied in this institution for six years. So, what makes you continue in this same institution and also tell what you recommend about this institution for journalism students?

Akansha Maheshwari- I really consider myself lucky and blessed to be a part of MCU that too for 6 years. This was the best decision I ever took in my life and I am extremely proud of it.MCU is my family. There is some inner connection of me with it. Even today if I get an opportunity to visit there so I just love and whether in my career in whichever heights I will reach but definitely my love for MCU will never die. Even today if I visit it than the very 1st thing which I do is that I touch the stair and then I take blessings from Ma Saraswati as she is in the entrance so I just love to do this and I think MCU as a temple and very pure. There are positive vibes all around and I am so peaceful as I visit there..which even I can’t express it. I really learned so many things, the Faculty Members are real Wikipedia, so talented, experienced, well deserved, and amazing. They will teach you by their heart. They have a treasure of knowledge and whenever I need any advice than they were always there with me. They really consider students as their family. May God give me a second chance to go back to those beautiful days and again be a student of MCU. I recommend to the Journalism students that just close your eyes and take your admission there without any second thought and I am sure in future you will really love your decision just like me.

During your M.Phil. one of your portfolio research was on ‘Study on Hindustan Newspaper special edition page “Nai-Dishayein’. Can you discuss some findings which will help us to know more about the ‘Nai- Dishayein’?

Akansha Maheshwari- It has been observed in this research study that daily newspaper “Hindustan” is presented every Wednesday as an additional page for education-related, “Nai Dishayein”.  In this, 7 to 8 columns related to education come almost every week, there are fewer than two columns in some week. Like-

  • Educational topics
  • Expert View
  • Scholarships
  • Mobile app
  • Web Search
  • Competition
  • Mission Board Examination
  • Preparation

Career Advice This concludes with the conclusion of all the columns above that the initiative of the “Nai Dishayein ” of the Hindustan newspaper is to provide information related to so many academic sectors together with students so much as a beneficiary for the students and can say, “Nai Dishayein ”  is proving to be a great initiative for the students, as well as various students, are benefitted by reading the content of “Nai Dishayein”.

What are the differences you have witnessed in national and international conferences?

Akansha Maheshwari- National Conference is held within our country whereas International Conferences are held in our country or the other country but the basic difference which I observed is that in International Conference the Researchers from other countries come to present their papers so they tell about their country from the root level, I interact with them and then I get connected on social media sites and thus are updated related to their expertise area so I always learn something new from them and thus try to implement those things which I consider is fruitful for us. Contact making and thus making friendly relations with the International Researchers is something which I love and I do in International Conferences like I always wish to grasp something new with them.

During your M.Phil. One of your portfolio studies was on Focus group discussion on “Real needs, perceive needs, and Felt needs”. Please tell us in brief about this study?

Akansha Maheshwari- It was a Study on Focus group discussion on Real needs, Perceive needs, and felt needs (With special reference to today’s T.V program).The objective of the study was to evaluate the Felt Needs, Real Needs, and Perceive Needs among the students. The eight participants from the Kisan family who belong to the same background were requested to participate in the discussion. For the discussion, the department has given us a suitable room in which the external variables such as air and light were controlled. The table chair was also administered and the department provided the digital voice recorder for the recording of the discussion. The arbitrator was introduced to the participants about the topic of discussion and discussion started. The discussion lasted about an hour and after the end of the discussion, the participants expressed gratitude and were released and the study area was the Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Bhopal and the study concluded that there is a necessity in Real Needs, Perceive Needs and Felt Needs. Instead of real needs, the viewers want to see glamour. The consumers criticize the content which they see daily. The media should tell the facts and figures. Media should create a positive image in the society. The media had to focus on quality rather than focusing always on celebrities. The media is controlling us. Instead of Real Needs, media show us they perceived need. There is a difference between our Real Needs, Felt needs, and perceived needs. So, we can conclude that the media does not show us the Real Needs, it shows us the Perceive needs.

Students across the nation are losing valuable time in their education due to the lockdown imposed and it’s solutions coming through the rise of online courses or classes. “How is it possible to teach students who are in rural areas through mobile and Zoom classes?

Akansha Maheshwari- Teaching students with Mobile and Zoom classes is proved to be a very effective and correct decision as there is no loss of a student and during this Pandemic, by sitting at their homes they can do their studies and thus they will have no harm in their education but when we talk about rural areas so due to this Digital era Mobiles and Zoom classes are easily accessible there. I don’t think so that students will face any issue in rural areas like I am personally taking Online classes at LNCT University than what I observed is that there is maximum attendance in the Online classes even of those students who are in rural areas. So there is no harm to the students who are in rural areas as Education is open for all whether the student is in rural or urban that is absolutely not a matter to concerned about.

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