Meaning and definition of communication

What is communication?

Communication is fundamental to the existence and survival of humans. Communication is not only established in between of the human beings but also between non-human beings. It is the exchange of perceptions, messages or information through speeches, visuals, signals, symbols, writings or attitudes. The Word ‘communication’ is derived from the Latin word, ‘communis’ that means to share.

Given below are various interpretations about the meaning of communication.

  • Communication is means of connecting people or places.
  • Communication is ‘’a process of sending and receiving a message between two parties.’’
  • Two way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange information, news, ideas, opinions and feelings but also create and share meaning.
  • Communication is a continuous process which mainly involves three elements viz. sender, message and receiver.
  • The most common medium of communication is not only the language, uses of non-linguistic symbols such as traffic lights, road signs, railway signs, plus symbol of hospitals to convey information relating to movements of vehicles and trains.

Definition of communication by different scholars

Communication is a two-fold process between two parties: the sender and receiver. It is very difficult to define the term ‘communication’ in a simple way because different scholars defined communication in different ways.

  • Definition by Kartz and Kahn  ‘’Communicationis the exchange of Information and the transformation of meaning of meaning. It is the very essence of social system or organization.’’
  • Definition by Wilbur Schramn ‘’Communicationis the process of establishing commonness or oneness of thought between a sender and a receiver.’’

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