Important Models and Theories of Mass Communication

Models and Theories of Mass Communication- Quick revision notes

All the important models and theories are listed below in chronological order and very useful for NET-JRF preparation.

SL No Theories Given by
1. Magic Bullet Theory Lasswell (1938)
2. Lasswell Model Lasswell (1948)
3. Shannon and Weaver Model Shannon and Weaver (1949)
4. Modernisation Theory Daniel Learner (1950)
5. ABX Model Theodore M Newcomb (1953)
6. Two-Step Theory Katz and Paul Lazarsfeld (1955)
7. Congruity Theory Charles Osgood (1955)
8. Gerbner Model of Communication George Gerbner (1956)
9. Cultivation Theory George Gerbner (1960)
10. SMCR Model David Berlo (1960)
11. Diffusion of Innovation Evert M Rogers (1962)
12. Agenda Setting Theory McComb and Shah (1968)
13. Uses and Gratification Theory Katz (1974)
14. Dependency Theory Ball Rokeach and Melvin DeFleur (1976)
15. Convergence Model Kincaid (1981)
16. Cognitive Dissonance Theory Leon Festinger
17.Cognitive Consistency TheoryRobert Abelson
18. Information Theory Claude E Shannon
19. Balance Theory Fritz Heider
20. Hub Model of Communication Hiebert Urgurait and Bohn  
21. Bootstrap Model Capra
22. Play Theory William Stephenson
23. Stagmallite Model Wilbur Schramm
24. Magic Multiply Model Wilbur Schramm
25. Pleasure Theory Emile Durkhim
26. Multiplicity Model Jan Servaes
27. Conference Theory Charles Osgood
28. Gate Keeping Model Kurt Lewin
29. Meta- Theory of Communication Majid Tehranian
30.Spiral of Silence TheoryElisabeth Noelle-Neumann
31.Circular ModelWilbur Schramm
32.Helical ModelFrank Dance (1967)
33.Ritual Model/ Sociological view of communicationRiley and Riley
34.Ritual View of CommunicationJames W. Carey
35.Osgood-Schramm model (1954)Charles Osgood and Wilbur Schramm
36.Social Judgemental TheoryMuzafer Sherif
37.Inoculation TheoryWilliam McGuire

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