Match the following questions with explanation- Series 13- Camera-photography

Terms Explanation
F Stop Opening in a camera that controls the amount of light passing into the lens.
Pixel The element in a photograph.
View finder The screen that shows the framing of an image
Control group The one that an experiment is not done.

Explanation– Series 13

Keywords– F Stop, Pixel, View finder, Control Group

Asked in Paper II June 2011-Mass Communication

F- Stop

  • F-stop affects the depth of field in clicked pictures.
  • The F-number of a lens is the ratio of its focal length divided by the diameter of the aperture.
  • A Small F-stop number means the opening is a larger F-stop number means the opening is larger, lighter entering the camera. Similarly a larger F-stop number (remember smaller opening), requires a slower shutter speed.


  • Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image.
  • A pixel is the smallest unit of a digital image or graphic that can be displayed and represented on a digital display device.
  • Pixels are combined to form a complete image, video, text or any visible thing on a computer display.

View Finder

  • In photography, a viewfinder is what the photographer looks through to compose, and, in many cases, to focus the picture1.
  • Viewfinders can be glass, as found in rangefinder and DSLR type cameras, or an LCD screen as found in mirrorless cameras2.
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