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Q. Match List I with List II

List I- BooksList II- Writer
(A) Empire and Communication I. Neil Postman
(B) Amusing ourselves to death Public discourse in the age of show business. II. Nalin Mehta
(C) Understanding Media:  The Extension of Man III. Marshall Mcluhan
(D) India on Television IV. Harold Innis

Chose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A-IV, B-I, C-III, D-II

2. A-IV, B-I, C-II, D-III

3. A-I, B-IV, C-II, D-III

4. A-I, B-IV, C-III, D-II

Correct Ans: (1)

Explanation: (A) Empire and Communications – IV. Harold Innis

  • Harold Innis was a Canadian professor and writer known for his pioneering work on the role of media and communication in shaping civilizations. “Empire and Communications” is one of his significant works that examines how different communication technologies influenced the rise and fall of empires.

(B) Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business – I. Neil Postman

  • Neil Postman was an American author and media theorist who critically examined the impact of television on public discourse. In “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” he argues that television’s entertainment-driven content undermines serious public discourse.

(C) Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man – III. Marshall McLuhan

  • Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher, and communication theorist, is best known for his work on media theory. “Understanding Media” is a seminal text in which he discusses how media, as extensions of human senses, shape human experiences and society.

(D) India on Television – II. Nalin Mehta

  • Nalin Mehta is an Indian writer and sociologist who has extensively studied Indian media. His book “India on Television” explores the history, growth, and impact of television in India, particularly in the context of its socio-political and cultural implications.

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