Correct sequence of establishment of news agencies in India – series 07 – Mass Communication

Keywords- Press News Bureau, Free Press of India, United Press of India, Press Trust of India
Asked question in Paper II June 2011 UGC-NET Mass Communication

Select the correct sequence of establishment of following news agencies in India

  1. Press News Bureau – Free Press of India – United Press of India – Press Trust of India
  2. Press News Bureau – United Press of India – Free Press of India – Press Trust of India
  3. Free Press of India – Press News Bureau – United  Press of India – Press Trust of India
  4. United Press of India – Press News Bureau – Free Press of India – Press Trust of India


Press Information Bureau (1919)

  • It is the nodal agency of Government of India.
  • The current director general is Sitanshu Ranjan kar.
  • Its headquarter is in National Media Centre, New Delhi.

Free Press of India (1920)

  • It was an Indian Nationalist supporting News Agency founded in the 1920 Swaminathan Sadanand.
  • It was first news agency managed by Indians.
  • The free press journal is an Indian English language daily newspaper that was established in 1930 by Swaminathan Sadanand who also acted as its first editor.

United Press of India (1933)

  • It was established in 1933 by Bidhu Bhushan Sengupta.
  • After resigning from free press of India, Sengupta started United press of India with Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy as the chairman of the board of directors of the agency.
  • Due to financial constraints, the agency collapsed in 1958.

Press Trust of India (1949)

  • Largest news agency in India.
  • Headquarter- PTI Building, Parliament Street,New Delhi
  • PTI is the only news agency in south Asia which operates its own communication news and information.
  • Kasturi Srinivasan was associated with this news agency.


  • PTI, UNI, Samachar Bharti and Hindustan Samachar merge under pressure during an emergency to become ‘Samachar’.
  • Krishnakanth was associated with Samachar Bharti news agency.

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