Which of these is not an example of body language?

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Q. Which of these is not an example of body language?

1. Facial expressions

    2. Gestures

    3. Emoji

    4. Postures

    Correct Ans: (3)

    Explanation: Body language refers to the non-verbal signals that we use to communicate. These signals include physical behaviors and expressions that convey messages without words. Here’s a brief explanation:

    (i) Facial Expressions: These are powerful indicators of emotions and reactions, such as smiles, frowns, raised eyebrows, etc. They are a key component of body language.

    (ii) Gestures: Movements of the hands, arms, or other parts of the body that express ideas or feelings, such as waving, pointing, or using hand signs.

    (iii) Emoji: These are digital icons or symbols used in electronic communication to represent facial expressions, objects, or concepts. They are not a part of body language because they are used in written digital communication rather than physical expression.

    (iv) Postures: The way someone holds their body, such as standing straight, slouching, or crossing arms. Posture is an important aspect of body language, conveying confidence, openness, defensiveness, etc.

    Therefore, the correct answer is Emoji (3), as they are not a form of body language but rather a part of digital communication.

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