What is Ransomware?

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Q. What is Ransomware?

1. It is a Virus

2. It is a type of Malware

3. It is a hardware part of a computer

4. It is a network Security tool.

Correct Ans: (2)

Explanation: Ransomware is a type of malware that aims to make money by blocking access to a computer system or its data. This malicious software often enters a system through phishing emails, malicious downloads, or software vulnerabilities. Once inside, it encrypts files or locks the user out, displaying a message that demands payment, usually in cryptocurrency, to restore access. Ransomware’s main goal is financial gain. The attackers often set a deadline for payment and may threaten to delete the data or release sensitive information if their demands are not met. This puts pressure on victims to pay the ransom quickly. Therefore, ransomware is best described as a type of malware, not as a virus, hardware component, or network security tool.

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