Steps of newspaper production

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Gathering means various books of reporters go and cover the stories. These reporters collect their stories then send this through mail to the editor. News gathers in the main print of every newspaper reporters submit the news sub copies after gather news to the editor then re-edit it using red pen chief editor do the final editing by using green.

It starts with reporters going out to their respective beat to gather stories and cover events and also the marketing department getting advertisements into the news helper on daily basis it starts with reporters getting their mails to the editor. Newsgathering is paramount to every newspaper. After the stories are gathered the sub-editor edited the copies submitted by the reporters using a red pen, The chief sub-editor uses blue-white editor user green final editing is done by chief sub-editor or editor.

Pre Press:

Photos are edited. Advertisement is greeted and pages and layout of the newspaper are designed in pre-press the editor of the newspaper decides what had to be print for today often editing the stories. They also did page planning to give a final outlook to form the newspaper helps they use color graphics etc.

Pre Press is where photos are edited, advertisements are created and compared and the whole pages of the newspaper are laid – out and designed after stories have been edited the editor and other sub-editors will set in on editorial conference to determine what goes inside the paper for the day. The newspaper planning is done on a dummy sheet to give a prototype of the final outlook of each paper, this is called page planning. At pre-press text pictures, cutline, graphics, as well as colors are put together to form the newspaper pages.


The printing process in the main process steps during newspaper production quickness and reliability with at the same time reasonable producing are the cornerstones in the production and processing of print products. The finical newspaper press is divided into 2 parts

Printing & Folding

Printing: – The first function of a News Paper press is loading and unwinding of newsprint reels. These functions are provided by the poster posters unwind paper reels and automatically change paper reels at the fuel production sheet.

Folding: – The folder starts were the printed webs come together. The folder can produce ribbons and combine these ribbons in such a way that pages are put on fop ribbons are cut so that News Paper can separate from each other.

Fast Press: – After all this process the copies of News Paper are sent to delivery. They are also sent to the mailroom, and then they put newspaper on a trick, etc. News Paper then put on the newsstand and News Paper vendor collect it from them then delivered it to our house.

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