One Liner Quiz on Advertising and Marketing Communication

TQTP (Twenty Question Test Paper) on the topic ‘Advertising and Marketing Communication.’

Questions Answer
AAAI Stands for? Advertising Agencies association of India.
When AAAI was formed? 1945
Which is first fully fledged Indian ad agency? National advertising service
Who is often referred to as the father of modern advertising? Thomas Baratt
When ‘Indian society of advertisers’ was formed? 1951
Which is oldest existing Indian ad agency, when and where launched? B.dattaram, 1905, Mumbai
How many members are there in ‘Advertising standard council of India’ (ASCI) board of governors? 12 members
Who is presently the chairman of ‘Advertising standard council of India’ (ASCI)? D Shivakumar
When ‘Advertising standard council of India’ (ASCI) was founded? 1985
Which nodal agency to undertake multi media advertising and publicity for various ministries and Department of govt. of India? Directorate of advertising and visual publicity (DAVP)
An informative paper document in multiple folded is known as? Brochure
Which informative paper document is known as handbill? Fliers

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