Match the following questions with explanation- Series 18- Legal terms

Legal Terms Explanation
Plaintiff Complaining Party
Prima Facie A case can be made out on the evidence available
Sub Judice In course of trial
Ad Interim During the intervening period

Keywords- Plaintiff, Defendant, Prima facie, Sub Judice, Ad Interim.

Asked in Paper II- June 2011

Explanation- Series 18- Legal terms

Plaintiff: – A person who starts a legal action against somebody in a court of law.

Defendant: – Defendant is the person being sued or the person against whom the complaint is filed.

Prima facie: – Based on what appears to be true at first, event though it may be proved false later.

Sub Judice:– In law, Sub Judice, Latin for ‘under judgement’ , means that a particular case or matter is under trial or being considered by a judge or court.

Ad Interim: – For an intervening or temporary period of time. A diplomatic officer who acts in place of an ambassador is called ad Interim.

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