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Q. Match List I Books with List II Author (December 2023, UGC NET)

List I- BooksList II- Author
(A) India:  A Nation I. Margarita Bems
(B) The Need in nationalism and other Essays II. C. F. Andrews
(C) India today and Tomorrow III. Annie Besant
(D) North India IV. Arvind Gosh

Chose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A-III, B-IV, C-I, D-II

2. A-III, B-I, C-IV, D-II

3. A-IV, B-II, C-I, D-III

4. A-IV, B-III, C-I, D-IICorrect Ans: (1)


Matching the books with their respective authors.

1. India: A Nation – Annie Besant:Annie Besant was a British social reformer and supporter of Indian self-rule. Her book reflects her vision of India as a unified, independent nation.

2. The Need in Nationalism and Other Essays – Arvind Ghosh:Sri Aurobindo was an Indian philosopher and nationalist. His essays discuss the philosophical and spiritual foundations of nationalism and India’s future.

3. India Today and Tomorrow – Margarita Barns:Margarita Barns analyzed India’s social, cultural, and political landscape, offering insights into contemporary issues and future development paths.

4. North India – C. F. Andrews.C. F. Andrews, an Anglican priest and close associate of Gandhi, wrote about the people and culture of North India, highlighting the region’s diversity and challenges.

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