Important Questions on philosopher/thinkers/linguist/novelist etc.

  1. Who was a German physicist who first conclusively proved the existence of the electromagnetic waves and named on unit of frequency Hertz? Ans- Heinrich Hertz
  2. Who said, ”people make news and dead people make more news, and dead superstars make even more news? Ans-Henry Luce
  3. …………… is a concept that was originated by Sigmund Freud to denote the persistence of anachronistic sexual traits. Ans- Fixation
  4. Who formulated the concept of positivism? Ans- August Comte
  5. Who coined the term ‘Development Communication’? Ans- Nora C Quebrel
  6. The concept of ‘Aura’ pertains to? Ans- Walter Benjamin
  7. Who wrote ‘A theology of Liberation?’ Ans- Gustavo Gutierrez
  8. Daniel Lerner is credited to have introduced the term. Ans- Mobility Multipliers
  9. ‘Spect-actor’ was coined by? Ans- Augusto Boal
  10. Who coined the term ‘Mimesis? Ans- Plato
  11. Who introduced the concept of Mobile Privatization? Ans- Raymond Williams
  12. Deconstruction is associated with… Ans- Derrida
  13. Who introduced the concept of Interpreter? Ans- Schramm
  14. Who conceptualised myth as second order of signification? Ans- Barthes
  15. Bernard Berelson developed which of the following research methods? Ans- Content analysis
  16. The multiplicity model of developmental communication was advocated by Ans- Jan Servaes
  17. Priming effect of Leonard Berkowitz focuses on Ans- Television violence
  18. Herbert Schriller was critical of Ans- Corporatization of culture
  19. The term ‘technological determinism’ was coined by Ans- Thorstein Veblen
  20. Who was the first person to develop the concept of ‘Information society’? Ans- Fritz Machlup
  21. Who defines media effects as any of the consequences of mass media operation whether intended or not, that has effectiveness and the capacity to achieve given objectives? Ans- Denis McQuail
  22. Who identified the mass media function of ‘surveillance of environment’? Ans- Denis McQuail
  23. Who stressed on practical criticism of media text? Ans- FR Leavis
  24. Who worked on Children’s Media psychology? Ans- Anna Fried
  25. Who propounded the concept of paradigm? Ans- Thomas Kuhn
  26. Who defined communication as social interaction through messages? Ans- George Gerbner
  27. Which Commission report forms the basis of social responsibility theory? Ans- Robert Hutchins
  28. Who coined the term kinesics? Ans: Ray Birdwhistell
  29. Who has been considered as communication as a sharing process? Ans- Wilbur Schramm
  30. Who explained the dysfunctional effects of mass media? Ans: Robert Merton
  31. Who was a champion of massline communication? Ans- Mao Zedong
  32. Democratic –participant theory was put forward by?- Ans- Denis McQuail
  33. The Gutenberg Galaxy was authored by? – Ans- Marshall McLuhan
  34. Who coined the term fourth estate? Ans- Edmund Burke
  35. Frequency Modulation (FM) Radio was invented by? Ans- Edwin. H. Armstrong
  36. Who was the Indian representative to the MacBride Commission? Ans- B G Varghese
  37. Who is well known for his comment on communication : ‘Who (says) What (to) Whom (in) What Channel (with) What Effect’ ? Ans- Harold Lasswell
  38. Who introduced the concept of global village? Ans- Marshal McLuhan
  39. Who is considered the proponent of cultivation analysis? Ans- George Gerbner
  40. Who authored ‘The Passing of the Traditional Society? Ans- Daniel Lerner
  41. ‘As bits and watts increases in mass production and consumption, life is diminished under modernised poverty.’ ‘Who made this statement? Ans- Majid Tehranian
  42. Who introduced the concept of deviant group in the helix of communication? Ans- Elisabeth Neomann
  43. First controller of broadcasting in India? Ans- Lionel Fielden
  44. Areopagatica, a pamphlet supporting the freedom of expression was written by the famous English poet? Ans- John Milton

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