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Q. Identify the correct statements: (December 2023, UGC NET)

(A) Lenin Welcomed Radio as ‘paperless newspaper’

(B) Lenin provided all facilities for invention to engineers for development of Radio technology.

(C) According to Lenin, loudspeakers and speakers have been developed in such a way that hundreds of receivers may be easily produced.

(D) Newspaper read in Britain can be listed on radio throughout Britain.

(E) Transistor revolution has facilitated the reach of radio to millions of people

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. B, C, D and E only

2. A, B, C and E only

3. C, D and E only

4. E, C and D only.

Correct Ans: (2)

Explanation: The correct answer is 2. A, B, C and E only. (A)Lenin welcomed radio as a “paperless newspaper,” recognizing its potential to disseminate information widely without the need for physical newspapers. (B)He supported engineers by providing facilities for the development of radio technology, understanding its significance for communication and propaganda. (C)Lenin also envisioned the development of loudspeakers and receivers to make radio technology easily producible and accessible to the masses. (E)While the transistor revolution is a later development, it significantly facilitated the reach of radio to millions of people by making radios smaller, cheaper, and more portable. However, statement (D) about newspapers read in Britain being broadcast on radio throughout Britain, while true about radio’s general capabilities, is not specifically related to Lenin’s initiatives. Thus, statements A, B, C, and E are correct in this context.

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