Identify correct explanation of terms related to TV Programme production

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Q. Identify correct explanation of terms related to TV Programme production (December 2023, UGC NET)

(A) Montage — collections of some selected important shots in programme which indicate the content of original programme

(B) Camera Script— written technical instructions for the cameraman on the basis of original script

(C) Desolve — method of shifting from one scene to another scene

(D) Plasma — A huge flat screen TV set.

(E) White Balance — controlling the ancoder matrix of camera by special button by placing a white paper infront of the camera prior to shooting.

Choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below

1. A, B and D Only

2. B, C and D Only

3. B, C and E Only

4. C, D and E Only

Correct Ans: (3)


Correct explanation of terms related to T\V. Programme production.

(B) Camera Script — This term refers to written technical instructions for the cameraman based on the original script. It guides the cameraman on camera angles, movements, and other technical aspects to capture the scenes as intended by the director.

(C) Dissolve — Dissolve is a method used in video editing and production to transition smoothly from one scene to another. It involves gradually fading out one scene while simultaneously fading in the next scene, creating a seamless transition between the two.

(E) White Balance — This term refers to the process of adjusting the color balance in a camera to ensure that white objects appear white in the recorded footage. It involves controlling the encoder matrix of the camera, often done by pressing a special button and placing a white paper in front of the camera to establish a reference point for accurate color reproduction.

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