Difference between newspaper and magazine

Definition of Magazine- A magazine is a periodic publication that contains information on different subjects, such as sports, fashion, health, food, medicine, technology, and finance.

Difference between newspaper and magazine

1. Difference of Size. – Magazine is smaller in size to newspaper.

2. Difference of periodicity- They are not published daily and are rather published weekly or monthly.

3. Difference of Cost- Magazine is more expensive than newspaper.

4. Difference of paper quality- printed on higher quality.

5. Difference in coverage of news story- Newspaper has more variety of content than magazine that pertains to its chosen field only such as cars, movies, sports, and so on.

6. Difference in appearance- magazines look far more attractive than newspapers.

7. Difference in Target Audience-While newspapers have a broad audience whereas magazines target a specific audience.

Similarities between newspaper and magazine

  1. To educate and inform their readers. Hence, both are widely used as a mode of communication.
  2. Both are portable.

Some Interesting facts of print Media

  • Printing technology came to India in 1556.
  • The first printing press was established in Mumbai in 1674, second in Madras and third in Calcutta in 1779.
  • First Magazine published- Gentlemen’s Magazine- Scotland.- 1731
  • First daily newspaper- Daily Courant- 1702
  • First Indian newspaper- Bengal gazette- 1780
  • First Hindi Newspaper- Udant Martand- 30th May 1826.
  • The first regional language newspaper ‘Samachar Darpan’ was published in Bengali.
  • ‘Bombay Samachar’ started in 1822, remains to this day the oldest newspaper in Asia.
  • Daily ‘Sakaal’ which is among the first newspapers not only in Maharashtra but also in India, to have adopted modern management systems and processes.

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