Correct sequence of the invention of the recording systems- Series 09- Mass Communication

Keywords- Telegraphone, Blattnerphone, Stereo audio recording and Magnetophone

Asked in Paper II- June 2006- Mass Communication

Identify the correct sequence of the invention of the following recording systems.

  1. Magnetophon, Blattnerphone, Stereo audio recording and Telegraphone
  2. Telegraphone, Blattnerphone, Stereo audio recording and Magnetophone
  3. Blattnerphone, Magnetophone, Telegraphone and Stereo audio recording
  4. Stereo audio recording, Magnetophone, Telegraphone and Blattnerphone

Answer- (b) Telegraphone (1898), Blattnerphone(1924), Stereo audio recording (1930) and Magnetophone (1930).



The Telegraphon was invented by the Danish electrical engineer Valdemar Poulsen in 1898.  It is the first functional voice and sound recording device using electromagnetic induction.


  • Blattnerphone steel tape recorder, an early magnetic recording technology, developed by Dr. Kurt Stille and Louis Blattner in 1924 at BBC studios, used to record programs for rebroadcast in Empire countries.
  • The recording tape was 3mm wide and 0.08 mm thick, and traveled at 1.5 meters / second.
  • It was limited to voice programs as it did not have the fidelity to record music.

Stereo audio recording3

Modern stereophonic technology was invented in the 1930s by British engineer Alan Blumlein at EMI, who patented stereo records, stereo films, and also surround sound.


Magnetophon was the brand or model name of the pioneering reel-to-reel tape recorder developed by engineers of the German electronics company AEG in the 1930s.


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