Identify the chronological sequence of following periods of advertising history.

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Q. Identify the chronological sequence of following periods of advertising history.

(A) pre-print and initial printing period

(B) Expansion period of advertising

(C) Scientific development of advertising

(D) Modern period of advertising

(E) Fully commercial and Ultra Modern Period of advertising

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A, D, C, B, E

2. D, B, C, A, E

3. B, A, D, C, E

4. A, B, C, D, E

Correct Ans: (4)

Explanation: The chronological sequence of the periods of advertising history are:

(A) Pre-print and Initial Printing Period: This period marks the earliest form of advertising before and during the advent of the printing press. It includes oral and basic visual advertisements, such as town criers and handbills.

(B) Expansion Period of Advertising: Following the initial printing period, advertising began to expand with the growth of newspapers and magazines. This period saw more structured and widespread use of print media for advertising.

(c) Scientific Development of Advertising: This period involved applying scientific principles and research to advertising, focusing on understanding consumer behavior and improving the effectiveness of advertisements through techniques like market research and psychology.

(D) Modern Period of Advertising: This period includes the development of more sophisticated advertising strategies, mass media, and the rise of television and radio as significant advertising platforms.

(E) Fully Commercial and Ultra Modern Period of Advertising: The most recent period characterized by the digital revolution, the use of the internet, social media, and advanced technologies for highly targeted and interactive advertising campaigns.

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