Which one are the types of non-verbal communication?

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Q. Which one are the types of non-verbal communication? (December 2023, UGC NET)

(A) Kinesics

(B) Proxemics

(C) Posture and gesture

(D) Presentation

(E) Speech

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A, B, E Only

2. D, A, E Only

3. A, B, C Only

4. A, B, D only

Correct Ans: (4)

Explanation: Non-verbal communication encompasses various ways through which messages are conveyed without the use of spoken words. The following are types of non-verbal communication:

Kinesics (A): This involves body movements, including facial expressions, gestures, and postures. These movements can convey emotions, attitudes, and intentions.

Proxemics (B): This refers to the use of space in communication. It includes aspects such as personal space, territoriality, and the physical distance maintained between individuals during interactions. Proxemics can influence how messages are interpreted based on cultural norms and social contexts.

Presentation (D): This includes the way individuals present themselves in terms of appearance, clothing, and other aspects that contribute to a person’s overall demeanor and how they are perceived. Presentation can significantly impact non-verbal communication by conveying messages about a person’s personality, professionalism, and status.

Other options, such as Posture and Gesture (C), while part of kinesics, are not listed as separate from kinesics in the given context. Speech (E) is a form of verbal communication and does not fall under non-verbal communication.

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