What do you mean by Management? Explain in your own words with examples.

Organizational Chart in a Newspaper Org.

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Management is a process of getting things done for you by other peoples. It’s a process of accomplishment of results of work you want to do and plan to do by group people. Management is to forecast the work in easy and cheapest way which manages managers to manages the work done by workers. It’s a continuous process which wants improvement by the time to accomplish the goals.

For e.g. In a news agency the management process is very lenient. They divided characterization according to the specification of work such as editorial have different sector which is manages by the Editor where sub editor, editor-in-chief manages the editorial sector which is divided into different beats. In a news agency there’s a desk management in a newsroom which specifies what news should be print or not. In it they gather all different beats of reporters, editors, journalists to form a single newspaper. They divide work according to their specification to management of a News Agency.

Organizational Chart in a News paper organization

Process of management is a multidisciplinary which is to manage the work in art and science with creativity. It’s a dynamic process, management is a work of arts it tangled the process which signifies the different characteristics of work and lure them to manage through people. Management is basically goal oriented which becomes an idea to strategize which include problem solving quality or nature to be prepared and for all these leadership qualities to motivate their staff and inspire them to stay with you for long term. This all process is known as Management.

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