What can be the indicators to measure economic development in a country?

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Q. What can be the indicators to measure economic development in a country? (December 2023, UGC NET)

(A) Gross National Production

(B) Women Empowerment

(C) Gross Enrollment in Education

(D) Per capita income

(E) Economic Well being

Choose the most appropriate answer from the option given below:

1. B, D and E Only

2. C, D and E Only

3. A, D and E Only

4. C, B and A Only

Correct Ans: (3)

Explanation: To measure economic development in a country, several key indicators are commonly used. Let’s analyze each given option:

(A) Gross National Production (GNP): This is a broad measure of a nation’s total economic activity, including the value of all goods and services produced by residents of a country within a specific time period.

(B) Women Empowerment: While important for overall societal progress and human development, women empowerment is typically more directly associated with social development rather than purely economic development.

(C) Gross Enrollment in Education: This is an indicator of educational development, which indirectly contributes to economic development but is not a direct measure of economic progress.

(D) Per Capita Income: This measures the average income earned per person in a given area in a specified year, which is a direct indicator of economic development.

(E) Economic Well-being: This broad concept includes various factors that affect the quality of life and economic health of a population, such as income, employment, class disparity, poverty rate, and housing affordability.

Given this analysis, the most appropriate indicators to measure economic development directly are: (3). A, D and E Only. Thus, the correct answer is option 3: A, D and E Only.

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