One liner quiz on models and theories of mass communication

TQTP (Twenty Question Test Paper) on the topic ‘models and theories of mass Communication’

Questions Answer
Robert Merton advocated which theory of communication? Middle range theory
Who gave the ‘Linear model of communication’?   Shannon and weaver
Name the communication models based on linear model of communication.   Aristotle model, Shannon and weaver model and Berlo’s SMCR model
Which model is also called mother of all models?   Shannon and weaver model
Name the all elements of Aristotle model.   Speaker, speech, audience, effect
Gruing and Hunt identified which model?   Four model of public relation
Which model of PR is characterized by propaganda?   Press Agentry/publicity model
While exploring human nature scientifically, which model was developed?   Aristotle model
What are the Aristotle’s three elements that must be presented in a good communicator or public speaker?   Ethos, Pathos and Logos
When Berlo’s SMCR model was developed? 1960
Which model was made to understand general human communication? Berlo’s SMCR model
What are the sender’s elements on which receivers also depends in SMCR model? Communication skills, attitude, knowledge, social system and culture
What ‘status conferral theory’ suggests?   Media create prominence for issues and people
Which model made for public speaking? Media create prominence for issues and people
Which model made for public speaking? Aristotle model
Who studied categories of changes affected by the media? Joseph klapper
When Shannon and weaver model of communication was formed? 1949
Who gave the concept of two step flow theory? Katz and Paul Lazarsfeld
Which model was first made to improve technical communication? Shannon and Weaver model
Who advocated the middle range theory of communication? Robert Merton
Who introduced ABX model? Theodore M Newcomb

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