Match List-I Radio Milestone with List-II Date

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Q. Match List I with List II (December 2023, UGC NET)

List I- Radio MilestoneList II- Date
(A) Vividh Bharti Service started I. 23/7/1927
(B) All India Radio Comes Under I & B Ministry II. 3/10/1957
(C) FM Radio Started in India III. 24/90/1941
(D) Radio Started in India IV. 23/7/1977

Chose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A-I, B-II, C-IV, D-III

2. A-III, B-I, C-II, D-IV

3. A-IV, B-III, C-II, D-I

4. A-II, B-III, C-IV, D-I

Correct Ans: (4)

Explanation: Match the radio milestones with their corresponding dates:

(A) Vividh Bharti Service started (3/10/1957): Vividh Bharti, a popular service of All India Radio (AIR), began on October 3, 1957. It was introduced to offer a variety of entertainment programs, including music, dramas, and news, catering to the diverse interests of Indian listeners. Vividh Bharti quickly became a beloved service across the country.

(B) All India Radio Comes Under I & B Ministry (24/9/1941): On September 24, 1941, All India Radio (AIR) was officially brought under the control of the Department of Information and Broadcasting. This transition was significant as it enhanced the organizational structure and management of AIR, ensuring more systematic dissemination of information and better quality programming.

(C) FM Radio Started in India (23/7/1977): FM radio broadcasting in India commenced on July 23, 1977. This marked the beginning of a new era in radio with the introduction of frequency modulation (FM) technology, which provided higher sound quality and reduced noise interference compared to the traditional amplitude modulation (AM) radio.

(D) Radio Started in India (23/7/1927): The first radio broadcast in India took place on July 23, 1927, from the Bombay Station of the Indian Broadcasting Company. This event marked the inception of radio services in India, laying the foundation for future developments in the field of broadcasting and mass communication in the country.

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