Correct sequence of newspapers in launching year- Series 05- Mass Communication

Keywords- Bengal Gazettte, Bombay Herald, Samachar Darpan, Economic Times

Asked in Paper II- June 2011

Identify the correct sequence of the following Newspapers in order of their launching year

  1. Bombay Herald – Samachar Darpan – Economic Times – Bengal Gazette
  2. Bengal Gazette – Samachar Darpan – Economic Times –Bombay Herald
  3. Economic Times – Bombay Herald – Bengal Gazette – Samachar Darpan
  4. Bengal Gazette – Bombay Herald – Samachar Darpan – Economic Times


Bengal Gazette (1780)

  • Language- English
  • Founded By- James Augustus Hickey (Irishman)
  • Founded in- 1780
  • Periodicity- weekly
  • Published in- Kolkatta
  • It is also known as ‘Calcutta General Adviser’.
  • It stays alive for two years only.
  • Advertising was prominent.
  • The thickness of the Paper is similar to hand board, hence the priority was not so clear.
  • It has only two pages. Most of the news was taken from European newspapers, therefore is not attracted by Indian readers.
  • Government scandals were highlighted and it’s totally views against the government, hence to control the Bengal Gazette, the govt. of India started ‘India Gazette’.

Bombay Herald (1789)

  • Initially founded in 1789 as the ‘Bombay Herald’ the newspaper name was changed to ‘Bombay Gazette’ in 1791.
  • The ‘Bombay Gazette’ and Bombay courier where the earliest English language newspapers published in Bombay.

Samachar Darpan (1818)

Bengali weekly newspaper published by the Baptist Missionary society and published in 1818.

Economic Times (1961)

  • The founding editor of the paper when it was launched in 1961 was P S Hariharan.
  • The current editor of The Economic Times is Bodhisattva Ganguli.
  • In June 2009, it launched the television channel called ET now.

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