ABC: Audit Bureau of circulation

In the world of media and advertising, transparency and trust are crucial. Advertisers want to make sure their messages reach the right audience, and publishers want to prove their credibility. A newspaper's circulation is the number of copies it distributes on an average day. Circulation is one of the principal factors used to set advertising rates. This is where the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) comes into play.
Audit Bureau of Circulation

What is ABC?

ABC, short for the Audit Bureau of Circulations, is like the referee of the media world. It’s a not-for-profit organization founded in 1948 that helps publishers, advertisers, and advertising agencies ensure the accuracy of circulation figures for publications, including newspapers, magazines, and digital media. ABC’s main job is to verify and certify how many copies of a publication are actually sold or distributed. This information is gold for advertisers. They want to know where to put their ads to reach the most potential customers. ABC helps them make informed decisions.


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Daily Newspapers ( amongst member publications)

Weekly Newspapers ( amongst member publications)

Magazines ( amongst member publications)

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How Does It Work?

  • Council of Management: ABC is run by a Council of Management, which acts like a board of directors. They meet regularly to make important decisions.
  • Membership: Publishers, advertising agencies, and advertisers are all members of ABC. They elect representatives to the Council of Management.
  • Council Members: The Council of Management includes:
    • 8 representatives elected by publisher members
    • 4 representatives elected by advertising agency members
    • 4 representatives elected by advertiser members
  • Certification: ABC checks circulation numbers twice a year, and they use independent chartered accountants to verify the figures. This ensures that the numbers are accurate and reliable.
  • Surprise Audits: ABC also conducts surprise audits to make sure everyone is playing by the rules.

Benefits for Publishers and Advertisers:

  • Trust and Revenue for publishers: When a publisher’s circulation figures are certified by ABC, it’s like a seal of approval. Advertisers trust these figures, which can boost a publisher’s ad revenue and reputation.
  • Informed Decisions for Advertisers:: Advertisers can use ABC-certified data to decide where to place their ads, knowing they’ll reach the right audience.

ABC simplifies a complex world for advertisers and publishers. It makes sure everyone is on the same page with accurate circulation data. This transparency builds trust and helps both sides of the advertising equation succeed. So, the next time you see an ad in a newspaper or magazine, remember that ABC played a role in making sure it got there, reaching the audience it was intended for.

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