Which are the external communication medium?

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Q. Which are the external communication medium? (December 2023, UGC NET)

(A) Direct Mail

(B) Notices

(C) Video

(D) E-Mail

(E) Letters

Choose the most appropriate answer from the option given below:

1. A, B and C Only

2. B, D and E Only

3. A, C and E Only

4. B, C and D Only

Correct Ans: (3)

Explanation: External communication involves the exchange of information, messages, or data between an organization and individuals, groups, or entities outside of the organization. It is essential for building and maintaining relationships, promoting products or services, managing reputation, and addressing stakeholders’ needs and concerns. The external communication medium is the following:

Direct Mail (A): Direct mail involves sending promotional or informational materials directly to individuals or organizations via postal mail. It is a common method of external communication used by businesses to reach potential customers or clients.

Video (C): Video communication involves the transmission of visual and auditory information through recorded or live video content. It is widely used for external communication purposes, such as marketing videos, video conferences, or training materials.

Letters (E): Letters are written messages sent from one party to another via postal mail. They are a traditional and formal means of external communication used for various purposes, including business correspondence, official announcements, and customer communications.

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