Assertion A: TV has become an powerful instrument of social change in

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Q. Given below are two statements: one is labelled as Assertion A and the other is labelled as Reason R (December 2023, UGC NET)

Assertion A: TV has become an powerful instrument of social change in

Reason R:  TV has been approachable medium to mass public

In the light of the above statements, choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below:

1. Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation A

2. Both A and R are correct and R is NOT the correct explanation A

3. A is correct but R is not correct.

4. A is not correct but R is correct.

Correct Ans: (1)

Explanation: Television (TV) has evolved into a potent force for societal transformation, influencing attitudes, behaviors, and values on a large scale. Assertion A rightly emphasizes TV’s role as a powerful instrument of social change, reflecting its capacity to shape public opinion and drive shifts in societal norms. Reason R complements this assertion by highlighting TV’s accessibility to the mass public, underlining its widespread reach and influence across diverse demographic groups. Together, these statements underscore the profound impact of TV as a medium of communication, capable of fostering meaningful social change by engaging and mobilizing audiences on a broad scale. Thus, Option 1, where both statements are correct, and Reason R provides a valid explanation for Assertion A, resonates as the most fitting interpretation.

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