With which technology Robot and Smart Machines are working?

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Q. With which technology Robot and Smart Machines are working? (December 2023, UGC NET)

1. Industry 3.0 technology

2. Industry 4.0 technology

3. Industry 5.0 technology

4. Industry 6.0 technology

Correct Ans: (3)

Explanation: The technology behind robots and smart machines is predominantly associated with Industry 5.0, which represents the next phase in the evolution of industrial manufacturing and technology. Unlike Industry 4.0, which focused on the automation and interconnectivity of machines through cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 5.0 emphasizes the collaboration between humans and machines. This paradigm shift aims to harness the strengths of advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, and smart machines to work alongside humans, enhancing both efficiency and creativity in production processes.

Industry 5.0 prioritizes personalization and customization, enabling more tailored products and services to meet individual customer needs. By integrating human ingenuity with machine precision, Industry 5.0 fosters a more sustainable, efficient, and adaptable industrial environment, marking a significant advancement in the way technology and humans interact within the manufacturing sector.

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