Day 16- Daily Mass Communication Quiz (DMCQ)

Very Important for the NTA UGC NET Exam (Paper II- Journalism and Mass Communication) and Ph.D. Entrance Exam. This Mass Communication Quiz is also important for Master and Bachelor courses entrance exam like Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET), Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) and Banaras Hindu University (BHU) etc.,
Day wise DMCQ

Daily Mass Communication Quiz (DMCQ) boost your concepts through day wise solved quiz from the entire course of Journalism and Mass communication (JMC) with detail explanations.

Journalism and Mass Communication Objective Questions (DMCQ)

Q 1. J.C. Bose demonstrated Radio transmission in

(A) Bombay

(B) Nagpure

(C) Madras

(D) Calcutta

Correct Answer: (D) Calcutta

Explanation: J.C. Bose in 1895 was the first to demonstrate the wireless transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves at Presidency College (now Presidency University), Kolkata. Bose presented a public demonstration at Town Hall in Calcutta, where he sent an electromagnetic wave across 75 feet, passing through walls to remotely ring a bell and to explode some gunpowder. Bose is known as the father of wireless telecommunication.

Q 2. Marconi was born in

(A) Germany

(B) France

(C) Britain

(D) Italy

Correct Answer: (D) Italy

Explanation: Guglielmo Marconi was born at Bologna, Italy, on April 25, 1874. He known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission, development of Marconi’s law, and a radio telegraph system.

Q 3. First controller of broadcasting in India

(A) J C Bose

(B) Gopal Swami

(C) John Reith

(D) Lionel Fielden

Correct Answer: (D) Lionel Fielden

Explanation: Lionel Fielden was the first controller of Broadcasting in India. He was a senior BBC producer who spent five years in India as the controller of broadcasting and one of the main people who established All India Radio (AIR). It came under the control of the Government of India in 1936.

Q 4. Which of the following magazine is published from Kerala?

(A) The Frontline

(B) The Week

(C) The Outlook

(D) Stardust

Correct Answer: (B) The Week

Explanation: The Week is an Indian weekly news magazine founded in the year 1982 and is published by The Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd.

Q 5. The word ‘tele’ means ………………

(A) To see

(B) Far

(C) Screen

(D) Moving

Correct Answer: (B) Far

Explanation: The word ‘tele’ means “distant,” especially “transmission over a distance or far.

Q 6. What does the Latin word “communis” mean?

(A) Commute

(B) Communication

(C) Common

(D) None of these

Correct Answer: (C) Common

Explanation: The Latin word communis means “common”.

Q 7. Areopagatica, a pamphlet supporting the freedom of expression was written by the famous English poet ……….

(A) John Keats

(B) John Milton

(C) P. B. Shelley

(D) J S Mill

Correct Answer: (B) John Milton

Explanation: John Milton one of the greatest English poets, made an important contribution to the idea of free speech and free press in a pamphlet, Areopagitica (1644), which he wrote and published in response to a restrictive printing ordinance established by Parliament in 1643.

Q 8. Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai was exiled from Travancore in …………..

(A) 1910

(B) 1911

(C) 1912

(D) 1913

Correct Answer: (A) 1910

Explanation: On 26 September 1910, Swadeshabhimani newspaper and the printing press were sealed and confiscated by the British Police. Ramakrishna Pillai was arrested and banished from Travancore to Thirunelveli in Madras Province of British India.

Q 9. K Sukumaran was the editor of

(A) Kerala Kaumudi

(B) Mathrubhumi

(C) Malayala Manorama

(D) Malayali

Correct Answer: (A) Kerala Kaumudi

Explanation: K. Sukumaran, was the editor of Kerala Kaumudi Daily, the third most circulated newspaper in Malayalam. Kerala Kaumudi is a Malayalam language daily newspaper published from Kerala, India. It was founded in 1911 by C. V. Kunhiraman.

Q 10. First private TV channel in Malayalam was

(A) Surya

(B) Asianet

(C) Kairali

(D) India Vision

Correct Answer: (B) Asianet

Explanation: First private TV channel in Malayalam was asianet operated by Asianet Star Communications, under Star India unit, owned by The Walt Disney Company India.

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