The road to success comes through hard work, determination and sacrifice – Dr. Amit

Interview- Dr. Amit

JMC Study Hub has interacted with ‘Dr. Amit Sangwan’, Assistant Professor, Department of JMC, CDLU Sirsa, to know his experience in the Mass Communication field and to know the insights about the present scenario of the Industry.

Highlights of Interview

  • Student should watch TV regularly
  • Social media is widely used for image building purpose
  • After COVID-19 a new world of Safety and Hygiene will be developed by effective Communication strategies.
  • Haryana government PR department is more effective as compared with neighboring states.
  • Social media has provided each and everyone to become a journalist.
  • one hour lecture is crux of more than 100 books or research journals.

As you are JRF Awardee, so can you share your experiences that how Journalism and Mass Communication students should prepare for JRF?

Dr. Amit: Their is no shortcut for success and hard work is the key for success. The road to success comes through hard work, determination and sacrifice. The syllabi of Journalism and Mass Communication for NET & JRF examination is more vast as compared to other subjects. Exam will be conducted by National testing agency (NTA) twice in a year and it is a computer based test (CBT) . 

Hence Mass communication students who are aspirant of JRF he must be below 30 years of age and  should burn their midnight oil in reading more and more books of the subject and if he or she is the regular mode student he should attend semester class regularly and keep in touch with subject teachers. A student who is a good reader he will definitely be a good learner and definitely be a good researcher and good teacher. They must practice for reasoning and mental ability tests because one paper is solely related to it and for this previous year papers are helpful. Student should watch TV regularly because many questions in the paper are based on current scenario of Media and Entertainment Industry, PR and Advertising Industry, Developmental schemes. At least two News Papers along with Magazines like GK Today, Competition Success Review, India Today and Frontline will be act as a catalyst agent for examination preparation.

During this lockdown period due to COVID-19, lot of Webinars has been organized by Educational institutes students must take part in this on line initiative to enhance their skills and to improve the horizon of their knowledge. New Media especially Social media is not mere a source of entertainment now a days and it has also been emerged as a powerful tool for disseminating Educational information. Student can learnt a lot from Facebook live and YouTube live  interaction of  Media Gurus they should get instant answer of their questions from the speakers . These channels of communication have access to every media student who have smart phone with Internet connectivity.

In short I will add that if a student is dedicated and focus up on target and prepare in a planned way by managing his time properly he or she will definitely attained his or her goals and cracked JRF easily. 

As your Ph.D. in Public Relations and its Applications on Society. Can you tell us some of the growing trends in the public relations industry?

Dr. Amit: If we talk about the Public Relations and its applications on society it will be change from time to time with the requirement of the society and in the age of 2020 not only the PR industry but the scenario of all industries have been changed and shifted to the digital mode from traditional mode. In the field of PR, Social media is widely used for image building purpose and it is a glorified form of media which gives birth to the Social marketing. In the field of Digital Public Relations there are tremendous opportunities but the person must have technical and communication skills. After COVID-19 a new world of Safety and Hygiene will be developed by effective Communication strategies. More and More platforms to communicate will be developed. Mainstream media is losing the ground and artificial intelligence gaining momentum year after year in the field of PR Industry.

As you have served as an Information Officer in the Public Relations Department of Government of Haryana. So can you tell us about the duties and responsibilities of an information officer in the Government Public Relations Department?

Dr. Amit: Public Relations play a vital role Private, Corporate and Government sector and serves as a link between its in house and out house public. Government PR officers disseminate the information’s related to government schemes to the beneficiaries by using various tools of Mass media. In this process Traditional folk media has been used widely for rural and far flung areas. Haryana government PR department is more effective as compared with neighboring states. If we talk about the duties and responsibilities of Information Officer he chalk out the social campaigns to eradicate various social evils and awareness campaigns, Organized various events like Trade fairs, Religious fairs,  Press Conferences, Media Tours. Preparing Press Releases, Directories, Promotional material , Key note speeches are also fallen under the umbrella of  duties and responsibilities of an government Information Officer.

He acts as a link between state government and public and plays a vital role in formulating the public opinion and policies by taking proper feedback from grass root level . He builds good and positive relations with media, stakeholders and public. In this way he works for image building of the state to attract Multinational companies towards state to increase per capita and GDP of the state.

During this corona-virus pandemic, ‘fake news’ is putting lives at risk, so how people can stop bad information from going viral?

Dr. Amit: Corona virus has given birth to unprecedented situation and we didn’t imagine that a virus would hit too hard.  In the age of Information and technology we have depend lot upon Internet to gather information and Social media has provided each and everyone to become a journalist. In such type of situation lot of rumors in the form of Fake News has putting the lives at risk. There is the free flow of information and in such type of situation it’s the duty of Citizen Journalist who have been emerged after the birth of Social Media to correct the content if it needs amendment and habitual offenders must be reported and action must be taken against such offenders. Sole solution of this problem is that we should rely up on official pages of WHO and health departments related to COVID-19 because many platforms of media has been presented the data in different manners as per policy of their channel though the data and content is same but the style of presentation converted the factual content into the category of fake news. Various fact checking  websites are also available on Internet.

Can you discuss some social issues in brief which you have contributed various talks on radio, magazines, and newspapers for the upliftment of the society?

Dr. Amit: Yes being a Media Educator it is my prime duty to enhance my reading ,writing and presentation skills and for this purpose I keep on writing for different news dailies on various Environmental issues, Women Empowerment, Social safety, Child labor, Impotence of Democracy, Health and Yoga besides this I am also the part of panel discussions held upon dropout rates of school children, Farmer awareness programs, Scholarship schemes and gave radio talks on Rohtak Radio station and  Community Radio station of CDLU Sirsa.

As you have presented the paper in various UGC sponsored National and International Seminars. so, can you tell us what are the differences you have witnessed in national and international seminars?

Dr. Amit: Learning is a lifelong process and National and International Seminars provide a platform to scholars and made them innovative and motivate them to think different and to work hard to achieve their goals. In such type of events there is the mixed deliberation between Professionals and Academicians. In my opinion if we attend a seminar seriously be it National or international and hear thought provoking lectures of Keynote speakers and repute scholars a single lecture one hour is crux of more than 100 books or research journals.

In National seminars the scholars are from within the country while in International the participant are from the different nations of the world basically the objectives of both the events are to discuss on various subjects related to technology , latest researches, theories and principal and how theoretical component of the subject is utilized for the development of the nation.

You have been the editor of the Hindi section of the news portal. So, what do you think about the law for regulating Online Media? Are there any laws apply to online news sites?

Dr. Amit: If we talk about Indian Media it is self regulatory in nature. In the field of Online Media which has been emerged with the advent of Internet some of Cyber laws have been enacted by the ministry of Electronic and Information Technology. It relates to legal informatics and supervises the digital circulation of Information, software and e commerce. No doubt IT Act is also applicable up on News sites . There are two types of News sites the first one are the sites which have been governed by Media houses like,, and second one are those which have been developed by Individuals and there is no proper record and no liability of the content and off course no Gatekeeping. Therefore formulation of Universal policy for  Online Media sites is the need of hour and all these should be Registered through RNI or different government agency and if they promote hate speech or News or don’t follow ethics that sites must be banned. 

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