Daily Practice Quiz (Day 5)

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Daily Practice Mode Series

Daily Practice Quiz (Day 5)

This Quiz has been curated with the aim to provide the UGC-NET Journalism and Mass Communication aspirants with the set of 10 questions. Aspirants who misses JMC Study Hub's 'Daily Live Quiz' can easily access the quizzes from here with unlimited attempts. (Candidates attempting here will not be placed in the ranking list. To be in the ranking list, aspirants need to participate in the daily live quiz.)

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What was dealt with in Firoze Gandhi Act ?

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The concept of telephone newspapers originated in:

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Pictures on the television screen are made up of :

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The chairman of the press council of India is appointed for the term of :

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Gatefold can be mostly seen in

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One of the barriers to persuasive communication is

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Non-verbal communication is done through codes

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Theme advertisements normally contain

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Which country got the Chairmanship of NAM pool in 1976 ?

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'Ecstasy' was a movie directed by 

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