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Create an online course and earn money by teaching people around the world.

We’re happy you’re interested in becoming a JMC Study Hub instructor. At ‘JMC’ you can teach what you know, or teach what you love, and millions of students are waiting, eager to learn.

How to become a mentor

Choose the topic you wish to teach.

JMC Study Hub is not only for teaching students, it also aims to open-up new possibilities for the academicians of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Teachers who want to explore more teaching opportunities can register themselves as the instructor. By Becoming a teacher or mentor you will have the choice to encourage the students as per the example and training style chose by you. Make teaching fun while giving new dimensions to your teaching carrier.
Want to teach students while continuing their present job profile? Then become an instructor and spread your knowledge and explore more possibilities in the field of Journalism and Mass communication. Instructors have the flexibility to choose from a variety of courses already available or they can also come with their own courses.

Exciting pay for the instructors also enables the new way of earning without any time restriction.

Start teaching in the pressure-free environment with the following perks:
Exciting pay with incentives.
Flexible timing.
Learn new teaching skills for the Online world.
Dynamic courses with combinations of various subjects.
Chance to be the part of the largest forum dedicated to the Acadmecians and Professionals of Journalism and Mass Communication.
Enhance your C.V.
You are free to choose the any topic you wish to teach on JMC Study Hub.